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Zachary LaRoe

Gilham Park, 2010

Zachary LaRoe

January 2000 (ca) - 16 June 2012

Zachary LaRoe, found on a golf course in Kansas City in the winter of 2000, died in the company of his adoptive owners, John & Dawn LaRoe, at a veterinary clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, on 16 June 2012.

In early April 2000, at 46th & Bell in Kansas City, Missouri, John dreamt of an orange dog with a black undercoat and white markings on the face. He found the dream fortuitous. Dawn, his wife, had told him the previous day that she thought it was time for them to adopt another dog.

As they drove to the shelter the next day, he told his wife of the dream. Dawn said, "John, we're going to a shelter. You can't be that specific about what kind of dog you want. Keep an open mind."

But when they got to the shelter, she was the one who found Zachary. When John first saw him, one of his ears was bent backwards on itself. John said, "but honey, he doesn't have an ear!"

Dawn said of course he did and went to find an attendant to open the kennel.

When Zachary was taken from the kennel for closer inspection, he stood shivering in the aisle; so John picked him up. Zach curled into John's arms and hid his head in the bend of John's elbow, and they did not let go of one another, whether together or apart, for the next 12 years.

Zachary LaRoe

Ghost Ranch, 2010

Over those years, Zachary was a devoted companion to both John and Dawn as well as his fellow dogs in the family: Maggie (who stole his heart and whose toys he stole), Benny (whose friendship he at first endured and later learned to cherish) and Suzie (who stole his toys and protected him). Zachary was an ardent defender of the home they shared in Midtown and later in Brookside.

His favorite people included his adoptive aunt, Cindy Wallace; his adoptive niece, Cindy's daughter, Ali (who called him Facelicker); his adoptive uncle, Ross LaRoe, and his adoptive nephew, Ross' son, Steve (who fucked with his paws). He danced for them and a select few others.

In his youth, he was a frequent visitor to Dog Park in Midtown Kansas City at 46th and State Line. He later developed a love for Dog Sundaes as prepared at Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard in Beautiful Brookside.

Indoors: Zachary was an early adapter of the River Dance and an advanced practitioner of cuddling.

Outdoors: Zachary swam in the Missouri River at flood stage (and was rescued by Maggie). He climbed Kitchen Mesa on Ghost Ranch near Abiqui, New Mexico ... twice. Dawn taught him to be an adept horse-trail and barn dog in team with Cain LaRoe in Johnson County Park and near Archie, Missouri, with Cain and Carrie Wallace.

He never did get used to that god-damned goat.

He is preceded in death by his beloved Maggie.


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