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LaRoe now designs and offers for sale original graphics and photographic works across a wide assortment of products via the Redbubble web site.

We provide the artwork and specify the products on which they'll be made available.

Redbubble manufactures and fulfills the product orders on demand.

Content spans the broad topics described below. Not all graphics suit all products, and we've tried to constrain the product selection accordingly.

Thought and Action

It did not have to be like this. "The way things are" is not "the way things have to be." It may be that "it is what it is." But it doesn't have to stay that way. If we act, we can make things better. If we do not act, things can and will get worse. Silence is no longer an option. Resistance is mandatory.

T-shirts, posters, mugs & other products (suitable to, and varying by, the design) featuring thought-provoking quotations and/or taking a political stance.

thought and action collection at redbubble

Black Lives Matter


A series of photographs taken at Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Kansas City, MO.

The thumbnails below link to pages in Redbubble where the full photographs can be viewed (and where prints and other products featuring these and other photographs can be purchased).

BLM Brookside 30 May 2020 BLM Plaza 30 May 2020

His Name: George Floyd

I Can't Breathe

BLM Brookside 2 August 2020 BLM Plaza 30 May 2020

Black Lives Matter

Stop Killing Blacks



A sampling of LaRoe Design graphics promoting the idea that Black Lives Matter.

The thumbnails below link to pages in Redbubble where t-shirts and other products featuring these and other designs can be purchased.

history collection at redbubble

Black and White American soldiers fought, bled and died beneath a 36-star flag in a war to preserve the Union and end slavery.

That war was fought and won over 150 years ago.

Yet, even today, Americans struggle to recognize and to act as if Black Lives Matter.


Fascist ideology invariably rejects and violently opposes racial equality, social justice and economic equity in explicit favor of White Supremacy.

It is not surpising, therefore, that opponents to fascism routinely demonstrate on behalf of (and should, just as routinely, work in pursuit and support of) racial equality, social justice and economic equity.

Taking action to ensure that Black Lives Matter is inherently anti-fascist.

history collection at redbubble

history collection at redbubble

A very short excerpt from a favorite poem by Langston Hughes laid out against a modern, albeit distressed, 50-star American flag.

O, let America be America again -
The land that never has been yet -
And yet must be - the land where every man is free.

Hughes, an icon of the Harlem Renaissance, spoke to the love that African Americans bore and bear the United States, a land that promises so much and has yet to fully deliver on that promise.

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